Friday, November 6, 2009

Its finally Friday!!!

Well, I survived another week. This one seemed pretty long and grueling. I'm not sure why. I had my evening class two nights this week, plus my 'normal' three days a week at the university. I know it might not sound like tons, but with all the planning, it really is a lot of work.

This week I started going to yoga, which was great. A friend introduced me to a studio not too far from our home, and its great because they offer a few sessions a week at only 5 TL for an hour and a half of yoga! That's like €2.50! It was great and so relaxing. Plus, they have a sauna, which I'd probably pay 5 TL for anyway. It is great because it makes your muscles heal faster after a challenging workout, and since winter is on the way, a bit of nice warm sauna time will be especially welcome.

Richie did some more job hunting today and has an interview scheduled for next week. Hopefully that'll go well for him. We're not too far away from having our whole job/ income situation sorted out. I can't wait. I want to go to the hammam again!

Well, last week we went to the Blue Mosque and to the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art. I have some pictures to post, but I think I'll save that for tomorrow. Tonight, I want to celebrate my first real payday with a couple of beers with friends. Its been a long week and I'm ready to have some fun!

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  1. You seem to be doing too much Yoga and not enough blogging! Get out o' that hammam!