Monday, September 28, 2009

The best day ever!

So, yesterday we discovered that our lovely new flat had some issues. We woke up bright and early to go on our expedition to Kadikoy, only do discover we had no running water. No shower, no running taps, no toilet, nothing. Disaster. We left for the day and hoped that it might just be a fluke and sort itself out.

It didn't. So, I was forced to go over to a friend's apartment nearby to use her shower. It was funny because her bathroom is like a little tiled closet, and the shower is just attached to the bathroom wall and you bathe in the centre of the room. I put my shampoo and stuff in the sink, closed the lid to the toilet and showered right there in the middle of the tiny bathroom. Odd. The other funny thing was that at the moment, this friend doesn't have any curtains in her bedroom, and anyway, the only towel we own is like a large hand towel, so I had to dry off and get dressed in the front hall. It was a bit weird being in the nip in the entry to someone's dwelling, but she politely excused herself to give me a bit of privacy. But privacy or full shower or no, I was so happy to be clean!

This morning again, no water. No toilet flushing. Using bottled water to brush our teeth. Not good. I went to start my first day of teaching, leaving poor Richie to deal with this drama.

This afternoon we rang the friends of our landlord who are helping us get settled and they fixed the water for us after we text them to tell them our difficulty. I was sitting here on the computer when suddenly, their was a sound like rushing water coming from the bathroom. It was the toilet filling up. I dashed in to check it out, turned on the tap, and lo and behold! we had running water again. Now I love our apartment again, and I think we will live happily ever after, until there is a power outage, which is another common occurrence in Istanbul. Sigh.

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