Saturday, September 19, 2009

I got lost today. Big surprise.

Today I decided to go wandering on my own for a bit. I'm terrible with directions and paying attention to locations, especially when I'm with someone who will do all that for me. The only way I actually learn how to find my way around is to try it on my own, which usually involves me getting lost. Today was no exception. I probably walked around Besiktas for hours. But I found some cool stuff along the way.

This beautiful mosque was right on the waterfront. I stopped to sit by the banks of the Bosphorus to catch my breath and rest my tired feet. This was the amazing view of Uskudar, the Asian side of Istanbul, on the other side.

I'm not exactly sure what this gate led to, but I think it is one of the many palaces on the shores of the Bosphorus in this area. This is just one of many similarly spectacular palaces.

Here's a great image of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, flanked by Turkish flags.

Just another lovely view looking down over the Bosphorus. There were some steep hills around here. I definitely got some exercise today!

After all my wanderings, Richie and I went to get some dinner. We had lovely mezeler (little starters): some sweet soft cooked green beans, spicy walnut spread, and delicious couscous. Then we tried a recommended dish, Albanian fried liver, with grilled chicken and kofte (meatballs) for our main dishes. Everything was beautiful. But I am exhausted and looking forward to my bed. Tomorrow we have plans to be up early and to go exploring in the historic Sultanahmed area of the city. Mosques, palaces, gardens. It should be amazing.


  1. great pictures! looking forward to seeing more and hearing more stories.

  2. loving all your news lady, say hi to richie for me and enjoy every minute! xxx