Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm ready to live in the wild! Almost.

Well, we went to the market on Sunday, and I bought three fish, which may have been red mullet. They only cost 3TL for all three fish! So cheap! That's like 50 cents per fish!

So, when we got them home, I had my first fish scaling and gutting experience. Richie looked up instructions on the internet and sharpened the knives. Then I went to it. Not to be gross or anything, but it was pretty weird pulling out the guts of a dead animal. I felt a bit like I was in biology class. I identified some fish parts, including the swim bladder, which is this little inflated air sac in the fish. It felt cool. Okay, I am thinking this is probably too much information for many of you. I'll leave out the rest of the details.

Anyway, after all the trouble of this fish prep procedure, I intended to pan fry them whole, since we don't have any other way to cook fish. It was a disaster. The fish was way too delicate and basically just fell apart in the frying pan. So, we didn't eat them. I was annoyed, but decided not to freak out, since they were so cheap, and I feel like I learned some survival skills through this fishy experience.

Next time, I'm taking the fish monger's advice and getting the better quality fish. Then they clean and gut them for you, and hopefully they won't disintegrate while cooking.
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