Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tuesday nights: Greek music and dancing

So, Tuesday nights have now become Rebetiko Music nights. There's a little bar, literally a one minute walk from our apartment where they have this live music every Tuesday. A fellow teacher, who is Greek-American, introduced us to the event a couple of weeks ago.

Rebetiko is sort of a style of Greek urban folk music. It is also referred to as Greek blues music. I'm getting all of this information from Wikipedia, so if anyone who is an expert happens to read this and is disappointed by my misinformation, I apologize.

Anyway, the place is very lively once the music gets going. This past Tuesday, with the help of a little raki in my system, I asked a group of girls on the dance floor to teach me to dance. They said, they didn't know, they were Turkish, not Greek. I said, that doesn't matter to me! So, they showed me some nice hip and shoulder moves and a few hand flourishes and we all had a nice giggle, and PRESTO I can now dance Turkish style. I wouldn't say I can dance Turkish style very well, but its a start. I think that belly dancing I did in college is going to come in handy! Seems similar to that in some ways. Now I'm just going to practice every Tuesday!

He might not like me revealing this, but after a while, Richie even got up to dance. He sort of stood near our table to guard the handbags, but he was getting into it a bit. In a couple of weeks he'll be on the dance floor, leaping and swaying and going for it, Turkish/Greek man-style!

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