Saturday, October 24, 2009

A totally relaxing day

Today I enjoyed one of those days where you really have no worries and can just wander and sit around and feel good about being alive.

I had a slow start this morning, slept in and did a little of this and that in the flat. When Richie got home from his first day of work, we went out for a bit of lunch and he told me all about his day. But, since he's a working man now, he had to go home and do some lesson planning for tomorrow. So, I took myself out for the afternoon and enjoyed every bit of it.

I first went to this little tucked away place off of Istiklal Cad. Its a courtyard, surrounded by cool hippie type clothes shops and tourist knick-knack stores. I sat down at one of the little low tables on my little stool and finished reading From the Holy Mountain. I am so sad that its over. Such a great book. I was just sitting there, drinking my few cups of tea, slowly absorbing the words, just enjoying the feel of the book in my hands, visualizing these wild places in Upper Egypt, feeling the warm end-of-summer air, and pausing here and there to take in the buzz of all the people around me. It was such a cool spot to sit, and cheap tea too.

Then I headed home to check on Richie and get a new book to read. I wandered around a bit, and then turned down this little side street where a couple of musicians were playing outside of a small bar. There was a violinist and a guy playing the guitar and singing. Again, in my state of total relaxation, I just sat, soaked in the great music and sipped at my small beer (they didn't serve coffee or tea there). Now I'm back home again to get Richie to come out for a bit of dinner. Our gas canister for our stove has run out of fuel, and we're not really sure how to replace it or refill it, so tonight we go out. Sounds good to me. I'm far too chilled to cook. Or too lazy.

Anyway, that's it. Not very eventful, but so lovely. Its really great to be alive on days like this.

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