Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Turkish toilets: a cultural experience.

Well, this is just a little cultural aside, to tide you over while you wait for some more profound experience to be posted on this blog.

So... Turkish style toilets. In a great many places, there are the toilets all of us Westerners are used to, although, in Turkey, you may be interested to know, you can't flush paper down the toilet. Instead, it goes in the bathroom bin. But that's not really that big of an adjustment to make.

Turkish toilets, however, are more interesting. Basically, if you'll forgive my crudeness, you must squat over them. And, since they don't flush, there is a little faucet next to the toilet and you fill a little bucket or pitcher with water and then sort of rinse out the toilet yourself. Also, it is Muslim custom not to use toilet paper, but to wash yourself after your bathroom experience. But don't worry; all the places I've been to have toilet paper too!

I don't know why the toilets are like this, but I think it must be good for building leg strength as you balance over a hole in the floor. So, any of you who are prospective visitors, be ready! And maybe bring some tissues with you, just in case!


  1. I don't even know if I have the leg strength to visit over there...that has to be quite the experience.

  2. Oh I still find myself reaching for the bin almost a year since I had to use these toilets everyday. I hate them. They are supposed to be much more hygenic. They are especially good while drunk or hungover!

  3. Well, the tile looks pretty!

  4. I visited a lady in Kenya who had one of these in her house! And I called it a Turkish toilet even there...
    It's quite difficult to master, but I can imagine how proud you'll be when you do! ;-)