Saturday, December 12, 2009

BEST DAY EVER! ( I know I've said that before, but this day was really amazing.)

Today was fantastic. I knew that teaching could be enjoyable and rewarding!

This morning I started new classes at a new language school. Actually, Richie got hired there first and also gave them my CV. So we both started there today. It was strange and very nice to be working in rooms next door to each other and then heading home together on the metro.

Anyway, I had two one-to-one classes. Both were lovely. I had classes with two women, both about my age, I think. Since it was our first lesson, and they both are really keen to get more comfortable in everyday communication, we just talked and talked. It was nice.

I especially loved talking with my second student of the day. She is Armenian, and I learned so much during our conversation. In case you don't know, Armenians were an important minority in the Ottoman Empire. They were significant in trade, and I think, in administrative positions in the government, and played an important role in Ottoman society. Now, there are very few Armenians left in Istanbul, or Turkey, for that matter. Many have emigrated to various parts of Europe and America, and there is also Armenia the Country, which is where, presumably, many Armenians live.

So, basically this three hour class was me and this lovely woman talking about culture, travel, Armenian and Turkish culture, religion, marriage, family, children, etc. She showed me Armenian script, which is a form of writing unlike anything else I've ever seen. She taught me how to say some basics in Armenian (I have obviously forgotten those already), and since Armenians are Christians, she is going to give me directions to a place where I can get a Christmas tree! So exciting.

It was crazy to have a day at work where I just felt like I made new friends. And the school itself has a lovely manager/co-owner. And its in a great location and a nice old building. I think this is going to be a pretty good job. I'm so happy about it.

I really can't wait to go to work again tomorrow afternoon and talk with my lovely student again! I am so interested in learning more about Armenian culture as the weeks go by! So cool. It is so rewarding and encouraging to know that there really are nice teaching jobs out there.

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  1. Kimberly! That's fabulous!! How fun to work right next to Richie. Enjoy that! Love from America.