Saturday, December 19, 2009

A festive night with my 'dudes'..

Tonight I went to sing Christmas carols in a nearby church with some friends tonight. It was very festive. There were classic Christmas songs that we English speakers know and love, with verses in English and the second half of the verses in Turkish. I could pick out odd words and things that I understood. It was interesting to see that in the religious songs, the Turkish name for Jesus- Isa Rabbe (I guess, Rabbi Jesus?)

Actually, this reminds me of something else I learned today. I was chatting with one of my new Turkish colleagues today and she was asking me about Richie's name, and if its short for something. So, I explained it was short for Richard, as is Rick, Ricky, etc. Then she mentioned how she doesn't get why Bob is a short form of Robert (I can't say I understand it either). Just to really blow her mind, I gave her the crazy example of Peggy being short for Margaret. She laughed and told a couple other people about it. So then I asked her if there were any names like this in Turkish. She explained that two rather popular Turkish men's names, Mehmet and Mehmut, are actually short forms of Muhammad. In Turkish, unlike in other Muslim countries, it's taboo to name someone Muhammad, just like it's a taboo to name someone Jesus in English speaking countries. Anyway, just a little cultural tidbit for you.

So, anyway, after our multi-lingual Christmas singing, a few of us went for a dinner of Chinese food and then had a beer. And now, its off to bed. In the morning Richie is teaching, and I have my meditation group, followed by a bit of breakfast and coffee and then an afternoon of teaching. And on Monday, I get a whole day off work!!!! So exciting.

My teaching buddies (aka my 'dudes'), Erika and Amanda.

Amanda's cool neighbor, Jill.

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