Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A turn of events....

Well, my last post was less than cheerful, but I think in the course of the last 24 hours there has been some good news. Or at least some potential for good news.

One happy thing is that Richie has found more work! He'll still have a few hours a week at his current job, but he's starting some one-to-one English lessons through another language school this coming weekend. We're not sure of the details yet, but he should have a fairly full teaching schedule once all of that gets started. And that is AMAZING news, indeed. I think we'll finally be in better financial standing, and I can stop stressing out about the money situation.

On another positive note, I have two schools to call today about potential work. I'm not sure what hours they are looking to fill or whatever, but still. I will be very happy to have some alternative teaching work sorted out, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that at least one of these jobs works out. Hopefully I'll have some news this evening.

So, that's it really. Richie has gone to get some eggs and I'm going to cook up some big, fat vegetable omelets soon. Ah, he's here!!! Food!!!

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